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It is hard to imagine life without the lovely spiced. It is hard to imagine life without the lovely spiced and fragrant foods of the orient. If you are a seasoned fan of the wide and varied foods of the The Indian sub-continent, then you need look no further than the SAFFRON Indian Restaurant in Adelaide. SAFFRON successfully manages to capture the essence of Indain cookery linking all styles. Saffron presents constantly evolving menus and a carefully matched wine list-all designed to reflect an ethos of innovation and creativity.

The golden rule with Indian food is that

it is not static and Richard Gomes, Chef Extraordinaire, understands this rule well. The menu changes every time he adds a little extra something to suit your individual taste. A typical meal will include a range of tastes each designed to balance, contrast and complement each other. Chef Gomes comes with many years of experience and revels in the exquisite art of balancing those flavors, so varied and subtle that it promises to satisfy the most discerning connoisseur. AS a family owned and run restaurant, Saffron takes great pride in its personalized service and boasts of a very regular and loyal clientele, with a very high rate of retention customers. So, if you would like to try something just a little different, try SAFFRON for and entire MEAL EXPERIENCE.

Take away menu

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Wednesday to Monday 5pm to 10pm (closed Tuesdays), more details Click Here

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